Resolving Windows 7 Network Connectivity Issues

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Windows networking has improved considerably in Windows 7, but you will still be required to verify the configuration settings and troubleshoot problems for your clients. The good news is that Windows 7 comes with new built-in troubleshooting tools, as well as the trusted command-line utilities you're used to from previous operating systems. When it comes to network connectivity problems, the hardware should always be checked first. Windows 7 provides new and effective troubleshooting functionality using the Troubleshoot Problems link in the Network and Sharing Center, which should be your next step in troubleshooting. This course also provides you with the necessary background on the proper setup of wireless and remote access connections and the key parameters to check if a client is experiencing problems establishing a VPN or DirectAccess connection. This course is one of a series in the SkillSoft learning path that covers the objectives for the Microsoft exam: 70-685 Pro: Windows 7, Enterprise Desktop Support Technician. Passing this exam will earn the learner Microsoft Certified IT Professional: Windows 7, Enterprise Desktop Support Technician certification.

Target Audience
This course is aimed at individuals with experience working in Windows networked environments who are undertaking high level Windows desktop administration certification, and possibly Windows Server Enterprise Support certification. The customer base will also include companies using Microsoft Windows desktop and server systems that need their IT staff certified to a high level.

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Lesson Objectives

Resolving Windows 7 Network Connectivity Issues

  • identify where to start troubleshooting Windows 7 network connectivity issues
  • use Windows 7 tools to start troubleshooting a network connection
  • change the network location
  • avoid wireless network connectivity issues
  • view Windows Network Diagnostics event logs
  • use command-line utilities to troubleshoot connectivity issues
  • initiate the troubleshooting process for a network connection in a given scenario
  • access Windows Network Diagnostics event logs
  • troubleshoot connection problems using command-line tools
  • follow best practices for troubleshooting common VPN connectivity problems
  • recognize approaches to troubleshooting remote desktop problems
  • distinguish between DirectAccess and VPNs
  • identify DirectAccess connection troubleshooting methodologies
  • break down the process of troubleshooting VPNs
  • propose solutions to remote desktop problems
  • recognize how to solve DirectAccess connection problems
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