Oracle SOA Suite 11g: Introduction to SOA

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This course outlines the challenges faced by enterprises in integrating applications, and how Service-Oriented Architecture can provide a solution. The various drivers that enable you to build a reference architecture, which is the first step toward embarking into a Service-Oriented Architecture, will also be covered. This course also introduces the Oracle SOA Suite 11g architecture and its components at an introductory level. Additional related products, such as Oracle BAM, are discussed along with Oracle SOA Suite and they provide a comprehensive solution for SOA implementation.

Target Audience
Business Analysts, Sales Consultants, Technical Consultants, SOA Architects, Application Developers, and J2EE Developers

Expected Duration (hours)

Lesson Objectives

Oracle SOA Suite 11g: Introduction to SOA

  • identify the advantages of employing Service-Oriented Architecture
  • describe the challenges of the integration of enterprise application systems
  • integrate solutions and benefits with SOA
  • identify the features of the Oracle SOA Maturity Model
  • recognize the features of SOA Reference Architecture
  • identify standards that enable SOA
  • design systems integration for an SOA approach
  • define SOA governance
  • create a business flow diagram for purchase order processing
  • recognize the steps involved in designing a business flow diagram for purchase order processing
  • identify the components of Oracle SOA Suite 11g
  • match the components of a composite application to their descriptions
  • identify the tasks you can complete with Oracle Enterprise Manager
  • use Oracle JDeveloper
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