Oracle SOA Suite 11g: SOA Governance and Service Design

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In this course, the need for governance in a Service-Oriented Architecture environment is highlighted, and the different characteristics related to service management are covered. You are also introduced to the concepts that enable defining and implementing a service. This is an important aspect of designing an SOA system as it allows appropriate business functionality to be mapped to the appropriate service type.

Target Audience
Business Analysts, Sales Consultants, Technical Consultants, SOA Architects, Application Developers, and J2EE Developers.

Expected Duration (hours)

Lesson Objectives

Oracle SOA Suite 11g: SOA Governance and Service Design

  • define service life-cycle management
  • define SOA Governance
  • identify the characteristics of service management
  • describe the constituents of SOA governance model
  • implement an end-to-end SOA governance solution
  • describe the service layers and their responsibilities
  • identify how services exchange information
  • describe how a service portfolio is built
  • describe the role of Extensible Markup Language schemas
  • design service interfaces with Web Services Definition Language
  • describe technology adaptors
  • modifying an XSD in JDeveloper
  • modifying a WSDL in JDeveloper
  • design services for SOA implementations
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