Oracle SOA Suite 11g: SOA Composite Applications

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In this course, the need of governance in a Service-Oriented Architecture environment is highlighted. It also introduces the various service artifacts and service classification in a Service-Oriented Architecture environment.

Target Audience
Business Analysts, Sales Consultants, Technical Consultants, SOA Architects, Application Developers, and J2EE Developers

Expected Duration (hours)

Lesson Objectives

Oracle SOA Suite 11g: SOA Composite Applications

  • describe Service Component Architecture (SCA)
  • identify the components of Service Component Architecture
  • describe a composite application
  • identify the components of the SCA
  • deploy a prebuilt SOA Composite by using Oracle JDeveloper 11g
  • create an SOA composite application workspace in Oracle JDeveloper 11g
  • create the service interface and external references for the SOA composite application
  • identify the key features of the Enterprise Manager Web interface
  • monitor an SOA composite application
  • Initiate an instance of the composite application using the EM console
  • view the SOA Composite Instance Details
  • manage and monitor composite applications
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