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Leadership is fundamental in driving quality in an organization. A good leader's actions and words filter down to all organizational levels to create a quality culture. The concepts of organizational leadership are built on a foundation of core business elements. A clear understanding of these elements is key in developing an organization's strategic plan and vision. These core elements include: organizational structure and culture, roles and responsibilities of managers and leaders, change management, motivation and negotiation, and conflict and empowerment. This course explores the concepts of organizational design and leadership challenges.

Target Audience
Corporate directors of quality, quality managers and executives involved with quality at the organizational or departmental level within an organization.

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Lesson Objectives


  • recognize key concepts of organizational design in practice
  • match the organizational structures to descriptions
  • recognize how culture can be exhibited in an organization
  • match the five steps on Juran's road to total quality management with descriptions
  • identify requirements for quality managers in leadership roles
  • match leadership styles to the appropriate follower readiness levels
  • recognize examples of management functions
  • recognize competencies required by managers
  • identify the techniques used by individuals acting as change agents
  • recognize how to overcome common organizational roadblocks to change
  • match theories of motivation and influence to their key concepts
  • recognize methods used to resolve conflict
  • identify techniques for empowering individuals and teams
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