Supply Chain Management

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At what level are your suppliers performing? Are the relationships with your suppliers benefiting the organization? A quality-centered relationship with a supplier can play a vital role in the success of organizations, providing a competitive advantage in today's aggressive global marketplace. Without sound performance measurement and communication strategies, the relationship between you and your supplier can quickly deteriorate. This course explores many aspects of the organization-supplier relationship, including supplier selection and communication strategies. The course also examines approaches to measuring supplier performance as a basis for improvement. It also looks at the importance of certification, partnerships, and alliances as they relate to the supplier relationship.

Target Audience
Corporate directors of quality, quality managers and executives involved with quality at the organizational or departmental level within an organization.

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Lesson Objectives

Supply Chain Management

  • identify examples of the actions involved in selecting suppliers
  • recognize examples of rating categories commonly used to assess suppliers
  • identify procedures for dealing with supplier communications
  • identify how to ensure supplier compliance with organizational requirements
  • match common measures of supplier performance with their associated metrics
  • identify common measures of supplier performance
  • identify factors involved in assessing the frequency of measuring supplier performance
  • identify the objectives of supplier audits
  • sequence steps in the evaluation of a corrective action plan for a supplier
  • sequence the steps in the supplier certification process
  • recognize the key concepts involved in process reviews and performance evaluations
  • sequence steps in developing customer-supplier partnerships and alliances
  • recognize the key concepts of ship-to-stock and just-in-time programs
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