Using Docker: Customizing and Clustering

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Docker containers can be customized and clustered to effectively manage Dockerization of applications. Custom metadata can be used for labeling and creating data structures. Docker clusters can be used to group a pool of Docker hosts into a single virtual host. In this course, you learn about custom meta data, Docker Compose, Docker Clustering and Swarm, Docker Swarm filters, and Docker Swarm strategies.

Target Audience
This path is designed for software developers, testers, and administrators or anyone interested in learning Docker or implementing Docker-based deployments in their organization.


Expected Duration (hours)

Lesson Objectives

Using Docker: Customizing and Clustering

  • start the course
  • identify the need for custom metadata in Docker
  • describe how different types of data can be stored in labels
  • describe steps to add labels to an image
  • describe steps to filter images by label
  • identity the need for Docker Compose tool for defining and running applications
  • describe the steps to install Compose in Docker
  • describe how to build a DockerFile for defining images
  • build a .yml file for defining Docker services
  • build and run an application in Docker Compose
  • identify the need for clustering Docker hosts and prerequisites for Swarm
  • list the steps to set up Swarm nodes for clustering
  • use commands to access and list nodes
  • work with Discovery services and list the different approaches
  • describe the need for filters and its various types
  • list the steps to configure a constraint filter
  • list the steps to configure an affinity filter
  • list the steps to configure a port filter
  • list the steps to configure a dependency and health filter
  • identify the need for Swarm strategies and list different types of strategies
  • use BinPack strategy to choose a Docker node in a cluster
  • use Spread strategy to choose a Docker node in a cluster
  • implement steps to create a data label
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