PowerShell 5.0 Configuration, Advanced Help, and Queries

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PowerShell 5.0 has several options for configuration and customization, and its help system is not only expansive, but it's necessary to understand in order to fully leverage PowerShell. This course covers PowerShell configuration and customization, advanced help, queries, and dot sourcing.

Target Audience
IT professionals and administrators with experience using and managing Windows and Windows Server


Expected Duration (hours)

Lesson Objectives

PowerShell 5.0 Configuration, Advanced Help, and Queries

  • start the course.
  • configure and customize PowerShell
  • use fonts and colors in PowerShell
  • utilize command history and popups in PowerShell
  • use environment variables in PowerShell
  • describe various aspects of the inner workings of PowerShell
  • describe scripting best practices
  • demonstrate how tab completion in PowerShell works
  • demonstrate how to use the Show-Command cmdlet in PowerShell
  • access help with the Help cmdlet
  • use ShowWindow with Help
  • recognize basic information in the Get-Help cmdlet
  • use the -full option in Windows PowerShell Help
  • access PowerShell Help commands and earlier versions of PowerShell
  • build queries with select and where
  • use line breaks and color coding
  • construct a PowerShell query
  • use dot sourcing
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