C++11: Programming Fundamentals

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C++ is a general purpose, object-oriented programming language with the C language as its core. The latest release is C++11. This course covers essential C++11 programming essentials, as well as containers, data structures, and data types. It also features lambda expressions, iterators, and enumeration classes.

Target Audience
Individuals with programming experience who wish to learn the basics of C++ programming.


Expected Duration (hours)

Lesson Objectives

C++11: Programming Fundamentals

  • start the course
  • use the auto keyword in C++
  • use the nullptr literal in C++
  • use the initializer_list in C++
  • use the constant expression in C++
  • use nothrow new to suppress allocation exceptions in C++
  • use suffix notation to specify return types in C++
  • use unordered_map in C++
  • use unordered_set in C++
  • use bit fields in C++
  • use std::bitset in C++
  • use std::pair in C++
  • use std::deque in C++
  • use std::multimap in C++
  • use std::multiset in C++
  • use std::array in C++
  • use std::priority_queue in C++
  • use std::stringstream in C++
  • use numeric type literals in C++
  • recognize iterators using find in C++
  • recognize iterators using sort in C++
  • recognize insert iterators in C++
  • use iterators to copy and move in C++
  • recognize enumeration classes in C++
  • overloading operators on an enumeration class in C++
  • make decisions involving fundamental programming concepts in a C++11 application
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