C++11: Programming Techniques

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C++ includes a number of features for manipulating functions and types and it includes features such as concurrency for optimizing applications. This course covers using function adapters, assertions and type traits, and threads and concurrency in C++11. It also covers Smart pointers and valarray.

Target Audience
Individuals with programming experience who wish to learn the basics of C++ programming.


Expected Duration (hours)

Lesson Objectives

C++11: Programming Techniques

  • start the course
  • use bind for partial evaluation in C++
  • use the mem_fn function adapter in C++
  • recognize how to use static_assert and type_traits in C++
  • use type information at run-time in C++
  • use the primary type traits in C++
  • use the composite type categories in C++
  • use the type properties in C++
  • use the type features in C++
  • use the type relationships in C++
  • use the property queries in C++
  • use threads in C++
  • pass arguments to threads in C++
  • recognize how to return from threads in C++
  • use mutexes in C++
  • use unique_lock and condition_variable to share data between threads in C++
  • use future and promise in C++
  • use a packaged task in C++
  • use async in C++
  • access the properties of the this thread in C++
  • access variables using atomic in C++
  • decide which programming techniques to use in a C++11 application
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