Python Language Basics

Target Audience
Expected Duration
Lesson Objectives
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This course covers elementary control and data structures in Python 3.x. It also covers sequences and sorts. Finally this course covers OOP in Python, including classes, methods, and objects.

Target Audience
Developers with some programming experience coming from another language to Python, or existing Python developers looking to up-skill


Expected Duration (hours)

Lesson Objectives

Python Language Basics

  • start the lesson
  • implement strategies for multiple choice in Python
  • control loop flow in Python
  • write Python programs with conditional structures such as if and else
  • describe syntax errors in Python
  • work with lists in Python
  • work with dictionaries in Python
  • organize data with dictionary data structures in Python
  • update dictionaries in Python
  • delete elements from dictionaries in Python
  • recognize the features of sequences in Python
  • implement the range function in Python
  • implement the sorted function in Python
  • work with sorting functions in Python
  • implement operator module functions in Python
  • work with indexes and slices in Python
  • sort Python data structures in place
  • recognize the features of classes and methods in Python
  • implement classes in Python
  • recognize the features of methods in Python
  • use methods creating constructor in Python
  • use object data in Python
  • implement object data in Python
  • describe inheritance in Python
  • implement inheritance in Python
  • apply polymorphism in Python
  • implement polymorphism in Python
  • identify best practices when using basic Python language
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