Applications of Python

Target Audience
Expected Duration
Lesson Objectives
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This course covers XML manipulation in Python 3.x, file manipulation, and how to work with the file system. It further covers modules and packages and how to work with the built-in SYS module.

Target Audience
Developers with some programming experience coming from another language to Python, or existing Python developers looking to up-skill


Expected Duration (hours)

Lesson Objectives

Applications of Python

  • start the course
  • extract text from an XML document in Python
  • read XML documents in Python
  • auto detect XML in Python
  • read text files in Python
  • write data in Python
  • write large files in Python
  • implement writing large files in Python
  • read and write binary data in Python
  • use file system shell methods in Python
  • parse directory trees in Python
  • process zip files in Python
  • read zip files in Python
  • use standard library modules in Python
  • use packages in Python
  • use module aliases in Python
  • implement SYS module with command line arguments in Python
  • use the SYS module to check host platform in Python
  • use the SYS module to redirect output in Python
  • use the SYS module in Python
  • use the SYS module in Python
  • use Python to interact with files and modules
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