Android For .NET Developers: Different Approaches to Development

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In addition to Xamarin.Android, other cross-platform development solutions exist to target Android and other mobile platforms. Depending on your needs and application requirements, an alternative approach may prove easier and more cost-effective for your deployment. In this course, you will learn about the Apache Cordova framework and also learn about developing cross-platform applications using C++.

Target Audience
Developers wishing to develop mobile applications that target Android and other platforms


Expected Duration (hours)

Lesson Objectives

Android For .NET Developers: Different Approaches to Development

  • start the course
  • describe the features of Apache Cordova
  • install the tools to develop using Visual Studio and Cordova
  • configure the Visual Studio tools
  • manage Cordova plugins
  • create an Apache Cordova app
  • configure your applications properties
  • build your application on multiple platforms
  • run your app within the Ripple simulator
  • run your app within the Android OS
  • run your app within the Windows Phone OS
  • find and correct bugs in your application
  • integrate connected services with your app
  • verify settings and build your app
  • sign your application with your certificate
  • publish your application
  • access platform-specific projects with Cordova
  • describe cross-platform development
  • describe the cross-platform features of Visual C++
  • install the tools for cross-platform development in Visual Studio 2015
  • install required dependencies manually
  • create a simple Android activity app in C++
  • create a simple Android activity app
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