React and Flux: Working with Flux

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Flux is a pattern of unidirectional data flow designed to handle data flows throughout an application. There are numerous implementations of Flux, all subtly different. This course covers the use of Facebook's Flux pattern within a web application developed in React.

Target Audience
Web application developers looking to use React for application development and Flux for unidirectional data flow


Expected Duration (hours)

Lesson Objectives

React and Flux: Working with Flux

  • start the course
  • describe Flux and how it fits with React
  • describe the core Flux concepts
  • configure a basic Flux action
  • configure a Flux dispatcher
  • create a Flux store
  • configure a controller view in a Flux application
  • describe the flow of events in Flux
  • use the five functions in Facebook's Flux API
  • configure Flux change listeners
  • register a Flux store with the dispatcher
  • configure private storage for a Flux store
  • configure Flux store interactions via actions
  • create an initialize action to initialize a Flux store
  • update data using Flux
  • add a Flux store listener
  • delete data via Flux
  • configure a Flux Action, Dispatcher, and Store
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