Functions, References, Exceptions Strings & Namespaces

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A function is a group of statements that performs a specific task, and may or may not return a value after execution. Explore the basics of creating custom functions, using strings, handling exceptions, and including namespaces in C++.

Target Audience
Individuals looking to learn C++ programming, or experienced C++ programmers wishing to refresh or improve their skills


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Lesson Objectives

Functions, References, Exceptions Strings & Namespaces

  • start the course
  • define default arguments for a function in C++
  • write an inline function in C++
  • write overloaded functions in C++
  • pass pointers as arguments to functions in C++
  • use references in C++
  • use references as function arguments in C++
  • use references as function return values in C++
  • use asserts for troubleshooting in C++ programs
  • implement exception handling in C++ programs
  • use nothrow new to suppress allocation exceptions in C++
  • use the C++ string class
  • use the C++ wide string class
  • work with C-style string in C++
  • work with null terminated strings in C++
  • declare a namespace in C++
  • use a namespace in C++
  • create a namespace alias in C++
  • create a C++ application using the std namespace
  • create an application that uses C++ functions, exceptions, and strings
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