Speech Input and Cortana

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UWP provides easy access to speech APIs and Cortana, for use in creating voice interface features in UWP apps. In this course, you will learn how to use the speech synthesizer, recognize speech, and implement Cortana features.

Target Audience
Developers who want to learn how to develop mobile apps on the UWP platform and developers planning to take the Microsoft exam 70-357


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Lesson Objectives

Speech Input and Cortana

  • Start the course
  • use the speech synthesizer to create basic TTS functionality
  • describe SSML and its different components
  • use the speech synthesizer with SSML to create advanced TTS functionality
  • implement speech recognition functionality
  • create advanced speech recognition functionality by modifying an app's grammars and supported languages
  • use speech recognition for long dictated input
  • create the Voice Command Definition for a Cortana-enabled app
  • activate an app through a Cortana command
  • use the PhraseList element to dynamically modify VCD commands based on app input and events
  • execute background tasks with Cortana commands without opening an app
  • use deep links to open apps through Cortana
  • implement the hand-off and progress screens to use while your app processes commands
  • implement completion screens to show that a command was successfully completed
  • develop an error screen for when a voice command task can't be completed
  • implement confirmation screens for voice commands
  • configure a disambiguation screen to obtain additional information from a user when there are multiple possibilities
  • implement various features that use UWP's voice functionality
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