WebSphere Commerce Application Development and Customization

Target Audience
Expected Duration
Lesson Objectives
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This course introduces the learner to key features of WebSphere Commerce application development and customization. The course also covers WebSphere Commerce Search, including search configuration and customization.

Target Audience
Developers wishing to learn the basics of how to use IBM WebSphere Commerce and IBM WebSphere Commerce Developer


Expected Duration (hours)

Lesson Objectives

WebSphere Commerce Application Development and Customization

  • start the course
  • provide an overview of WebSphere Commerce Search
  • describe WebSphere Commerce Search services and interactions
  • configure WebSphere Commerce Search
  • demonstrate how to program for WebSphere Commerce Search
  • customize WebSphere Commerce Search
  • describe the key elements of the WebSphere Commerce REST API
  • demonstrate how to create RESTful Services
  • use entity providers with REST
  • describe the WebSphere Commerce REST API and BOD services
  • working with Swagger UI
  • enable dynamic caching
  • illustrate the use the data service layer and Enterprise JavaBeans
  • create an interactive storefront
  • describe the use of WebSphere Commerce Struts in the presentation layer
  • customize the presentation layer using WebSphere Commerce Struts
  • use JavaBeans with JSP Pages to provide dynamic content
  • customize the Management Center interface
  • create and customize business logic for a WebSphere Commerce application
  • demonstrate how to use globalization in WebSphere Commerce
  • implement exception handling
  • create an interactive storefront in WebSphere Commerce
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