Java EE 7 Back-end Web Application Development: Transaction Support

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Most business applications need to persist data. In this course, you will be introduced to the Java Persistence API, a lightweight framework that leverages Plain Old Java Objects (POJOs) for persisting Java objects that represent relational data. The course will cover JPA entities and entity mapping, the role of the Entity Manager, implementing CRUD Operations with entities, and using JPA queries. Bean Validation (JSR-349) is designed to provide a simplified data validation mechanism to Java applications by integrating validation in the life cycle of Java Beans components. This course covers how to implement bean validation with JPA. It describes the JPA life-cycle phases where bean validation takes place, and covers custom bean validation, injecting bean validation, and using validation groups.

Target Audience
Java developers who want to learn how to use Java EE 7 components to build back-end server applications


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Lesson Objectives

Java EE 7 Back-end Web Application Development: Transaction Support

  • start the course
  • describe at a high level the Java Persistence API and object-relational mapping it entails
  • describe JPA entities and describe how to create an entity class
  • describe entity mapping and the role of a primary key in mapping, describe how to change default mapping, and use temporal types and transient fields
  • describe the data types for fields and properties and contrast persistent fields and properties
  • describe the role of the Entity Manager with an example of its use in a Java EE application, and describe the entity instance life cycle and Entity Manager methods
  • describe persistence units and persistence contexts in Java EE applications
  • describe how to perform CRUD operations with entities
  • describe how to create queries with the Java Persistence Query Language (JPQL)
  • apply JPA to a Java EE application
  • describe the purpose of Bean Validation
  • describe the JPA life-cycle phases where Bean Validation takes place
  • describe how to implement custom Bean Validation
  • describe how to inject Bean Validation into Java EE components
  • describe how to use validation groups for Bean Validation
  • use Bean Validation with JPA
  • use a validator with Bean Validation
  • practice using Bean Validation with JPA in Java EE applications
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