Beginning Windows Applications

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Software Development Fundamentals covers a common set of methodologies used when creating programs with a variety of programming languages. In this course you will explore how to use strings, the basics of Windows forms applications, and you'll also cover how to create a Windows application.

Target Audience
Beginning programmers who want to better understand software development


Expected Duration (hours)

Lesson Objectives

Beginning Windows Applications

  • start the course
  • work with C# strings
  • understand string literals
  • use string indexing
  • use char and strings
  • work with substrings
  • convert strings to numbers
  • understand Windows forms applications
  • understand the basics of Windows form applications programming
  • understand Windows form events
  • create Windows alerts and dialogs
  • create tabbed pages
  • save files with a Windows forms application
  • open files with a Windows forms application
  • create a dropdown menu
  • create multiple document interface applications
  • create a toolbar
  • create a web browser
  • create a Windows application
  • set up a Windows application
  • finish a Windows application
  • use strings and the basics of Windows forms applications
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