Bootstrap Introduction

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Bootstrap is a framework developed to provide consistency, while still allowing for flexibility and customization. It is a collection of tools that can be easily customized to suit an organization's needs. In this course, you will explore the Grid system and how that applies to the layouts, how tables are used, and how to work with buttons and dropdowns. You will also learn how to use buttons and input groups.

Target Audience
Web developers who wish to learn about the Bootstrap framework


Expected Duration (hours)

Lesson Objectives

Bootstrap Introduction

  • start the course
  • describe how bootstrap came about and why it was necessary
  • describe what Bootstrap is, and how it is intended to be used
  • specify what is necessary for hardware and software requirements to run Bootstrap effectively
  • recognize how CSS is used to define, but not limit developers
  • describe the default grid system and how it can be extended with the responsive CSS files added
  • describe the different grid layouts and how to enable responsive features
  • configure how to offset and nest columns
  • distinguish what a fixed grid is and why it would be used
  • recognize what a fluid grid is and why it would be used
  • recognize what basic typography is and describe how the scaffolding.less is involved
  • apply basic Inline and Block code
  • create the basic table and then add in the optional classes
  • use the default style of forms and then show some optional layouts
  • create the default buttons, change their sizes, and add different elements including, but not limited to, the disabled element
  • create image placeholders for an image with rounded corners, a circle, and an image thumbnail
  • use classes to assist in simplifying formatting efforts
  • use classes to assist in visually changing the different elements on a page, based on window size or state
  • recognize the different layout components
  • use the Glyphicons
  • use the dropdown class and add values to it, including headers and select values
  • build a single button group, a multiple button group, and vertical button group
  • create a button dropdown menu and make some of the options available
  • merge dropdowns with button groups
  • use button dropdown selections to update items
  • emulate a forms submission
  • create input groups and add the available options
  • understand the basic tools of Bootstrap
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