JavaScript: Browser Scripting Fundamentals

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Using JavaScript, developers can interact with numerous browser objects, create and modify windows and frames, and access and modify form information. This course explores and demonstrates how to use JavaScript to access and modify client-side features of the browser, and as a result to add a degree of interactivity to web sites. Specific topics covered include JavaScript browser objects, windows and frames, event handlers, and forms. This course is one of a series covering the fundamentals of the JavaScript language.

Target Audience
All organizations or individual consultants with a working knowledge of HTML and basic programming concepts, who intend to use JavaScript with HTML to develop interactive web applications that utilize cross-browser client-side scripting.

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Lesson Objectives

JavaScript: Browser Scripting Fundamentals

  • distinguish between key browser objects
  • recognize how to perform browser version checking using objects, properties, or methods
  • recognize the meaning of key elements of frame-defining code
  • recognize how to access variables and functions between frames
  • recognize how to open a new window with appropriate parameters, in a given scenario
  • set up a window containing frames with specified code access between them
  • use the window object to open a new window and change its location
  • recognize how to connect code to web page events using event handlers
  • recognize how to create and use form elements to return user-entered values
  • match form elements to the tags needed to create them
  • create a form containing HTML elements
  • set up an event handler
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