JavaScript: Advanced Browser Scripting and DHTML

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JavaScript allows developers to use browser scripting techniques to detect code or user-entry errors, and to dynamically add interactivity to web sites. This course explores and demonstrates how to use JavaScript to incorporate error handling techniques into your programs as well as enhance the interactivity of the user experience using DHTML. Specific topics covered include JavaScript error handling, client-side form validation, cookies, and DHTML. This course is one of a series covering the fundamentals of the JavaScript language.

Target Audience
All organizations or individual consultants with a working knowledge of HTML and basic programming concepts, who intend to use JavaScript with HTML to develop interactive web applications that utilize cross-browser client-side scripting.

Expected Duration (hours)

Lesson Objectives

JavaScript: Advanced Browser Scripting and DHTML

  • recognize how to create and catch exceptions using throw statements
  • recognize how to complete a basic try...catch block
  • recognize how to verify that required fields have been modified
  • recognize how to validate user input using pattern matching
  • associate form validation approaches with their advantages and disadvantages
  • recognize how to create a cookie and set specific attributes
  • recognize how to retrieve the value of a cookie
  • validate form information on the client side
  • set a cookie based on information from a given form
  • use a try...catch statement to detect and handle errors in a given scenario
  • retrieve the value of a cookie
  • recognize how to script DHTML that will handle events in any major browser
  • recognize the effect of various style declarations in CSS
  • recognize the implications of using a given approach for defining a CSS style
  • recognize how to retrieve an HTML element and modify its CSS style using DHTML
  • predict an element's appearance based on its CSS definitions
  • define a DHTML event handler that is cross-browser compatible
  • use DHTML to change the appearance of an element
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