Optimizing Clojure Projects

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Clojure includes a number of features that enable you to optimize your applications. In this course you'll learn about optimization of Clojure projects with multimethods and hierarchies, parallelism, and macros. You'll also learn about profiling and unit testing of Clojure applications.

Target Audience
Individuals with programming experience who wish to learn how to program using Clojure


Expected Duration (hours)

Lesson Objectives

Optimizing Clojure Projects

  • start the course
  • use multimethods in Clojure
  • use hierarchies in Clojure
  • call Java from Clojure and call Clojure from Java
  • use proxy Java classes in Clojure
  • use parallelism in Clojure
  • implement concurrency with agents in Clojure
  • use concurrency functions in Clojure
  • work with futures and promises in Clojure
  • understand how macros work in Clojure
  • work with macros in Clojure
  • implement macros in Clojure
  • work with Clojure DSLs
  • understand how protocols and datatypes work in Clojure
  • work with protocols and datatypes in Clojure
  • using profiling in Clojure projects
  • optimize Clojure functions
  • perform unit testing in Clojure projects
  • apply various techniques to optimize your Clojure code
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