JavaScript Essentials: Getting Started

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JavaScript is a multi-paradigm language, supporting imperative, functional, and object-oriented programming styles. This course covers the basics of JavaScript – from setting up the development environment to writing your first code. It also covers basic structures, such as loops and arrays, and functions and objects.

Target Audience
Developers looking to skill up in JavaScript and anyone with an interest in writing JavaScript code


Expected Duration (hours)

Lesson Objectives

JavaScript Essentials: Getting Started

  • start the course
  • describe how to set up a JavaScript development environment
  • describe the features and functionality of the Internet Explorer 11 developer console
  • describe best practices for JavaScript code spacing and formatting
  • describe the methods for including JavaScript in web pages
  • describe three methods for adding JavaScript to an HTML document based on the standard of HTML
  • declare and initialize a variable
  • declare and use an If statement that executes different code based on a condition
  • write a switch statement containing case and break statements
  • use While and Do While loops
  • use a For loop
  • declare an array
  • loop through an array using the index
  • describe functions in JavaScript
  • encapsulate JavaScript with custom functions
  • pass values from an HTML form to a function that runs different code based on the values
  • differentiate between local and global variables
  • use array functions to manipulate array elements by adding, removing, and sorting elements
  • describe anonymous functions in JavaScript
  • create custom objects in JavaScript
  • use the loop to retrieve object properties when their names are unknown
  • create your own custom objects in JavaScript using constructor functions
  • create object methods in JavaScript
  • use the prototype keyword to add properties and methods to an object in JavaScript
  • obtain the attribute of an object in JavaScript
  • use the prototype keyword to implement inheritance in JavaScript
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