JavaScript Essentials: Language Features

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JavaScript has rich language features for representing data and controlling the flow of programs. This course covers the primary data types you will encounter in JavaScript and flow control statements. It goes on to cover the basics of using XML and other files in your JavaScript programs, and handling events and errors.

Target Audience
Developers looking to skill up in JavaScript and anyone with an interest in writing JavaScript code


Expected Duration (hours)

Lesson Objectives

JavaScript Essentials: Language Features

  • start the course
  • describe undefined variables
  • describe null variables
  • create and use regular expressions in JavaScript
  • create substrings in JavaScript
  • format strings in JavaScript
  • use the Number object to format numbers for display in JavaScript
  • use the Math object in JavaScript
  • use the Date object in JavaScript
  • create Boolean objects
  • create nested If statements in JavaScript
  • create nested loops in JavaScript
  • use JavaScript labels
  • use conditional operators to clean up If Else statements
  • get, retrieve, and display XML data using JavaScript
  • use external JavaScript script files
  • use events and event listeners
  • retrieve the information stored in an event object
  • capture basic user events and respond to them using JavaScript code
  • use the try-catch statements for error handling in JavaScript
  • use the throw statement to handle custom errors
  • use JavaScript comments detailing the intended purpose of your scripts
  • set delay and call a function after a specific time interval
  • debug a program by using the Error object
  • encode and decode URIs to a readable format by using JavaScript
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