JavaScript Essentials: Working with Page Elements

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One of the strengths of JavaScript is its ability to manipulate HTML elements on a web page. This course covers backgrounds and buttons, working with DIV containers in HTML documents, generating and finding various HTML elements on a page, and manipulation of pages programmatically.

Target Audience
Developers looking to skill up in JavaScript and anyone with an interest in writing JavaScript code


Expected Duration (hours)

Lesson Objectives

JavaScript Essentials: Working with Page Elements

  • start the course
  • find HTML elements by ID
  • change a page background in JavaScript
  • use buttons for navigation to a URL in JavaScript
  • change the value of the button on the fly by using JavaScript
  • change the properties of a button by using JavaScript
  • remove a div container by using the removeChild method in JavaScript
  • add a div container using the appendChild method
  • use JavaScript to add content to an HTML DIV
  • add an image file to a div container by using JavaScript
  • remove an image file from a div container using JavaScript
  • add list elements to a web page using JavaScript
  • remove list elements from a web page
  • use JavaScript to get HTML text from a page element
  • find and change HTML elements by className using JavaScript
  • find and change HTML elements using the getElementsByTagName method
  • find, add, or change HTML form elements using the JavaScript Forms method
  • add HTML elements to a web page using the document.createElement method
  • select files and create image thumbnails using JavaScript
  • capture data from a form field in real time using JavaScript
  • create an automatic redirect by using JavaScript
  • create a countdown timer by using JavaScript
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