VMware vSphere 5 – Datacenter Design: vSphere Network and Storage Design

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The logical design captures business, service, availability, manageability, performance, recovery and security requirements. Once this is created, we can start to work on the physical design. Details such as network components and storage options can be specified. This course explains how to take the logical design and create the physical network design from it. This includes describing designs for VLANs and private VLANs, switches, redundancy, security policies and settings, and additional networking considerations. Determining the most appropriate storage technologies and designing the storage based on the chosen storage capabilities is also detailed.

Target Audience
Systems engineers, system administrators, vSphere operators and support personnel working in virtualized server environments. Candidates who are seeking to learn about design and integration options available in the vSphere Enterprise product. This includes, deploying and configuring Virtual Center Server Appliances, upgrading vSphere components, creating a Conceptual, Logical, and Physical vSphere Designs, as well as implementation planning. A solid technical foundation in virtualization using vSphere coupled with strong network and administration skills are required as a prerequisite for this path.

Expected Duration (hours)

Lesson Objectives

VMware vSphere 5 – Datacenter Design: vSphere Network and Storage Design

  • differentiate between VLANs and PVLANs
  • recognize types of switch operations
  • recognize the different load balancing options
  • describe security policy exceptions
  • describe NIC and peripheral considerations
  • compile a network design debrief
  • determine storage criteria
  • recognize the factors that could determine the most appropriate storage solution for your design
  • recognize zoning best practices
  • recognize the characteristics of the different storage tiers
  • describe network storage considerations
  • recognize how to determine capacity
  • differentiate between combating latency 1 and combating latency 2
  • compile a storage design debrief
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