VMware Workstation 7: Getting started with Virtual Machines

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This course provides a look at the skills involved in getting started with the creation and configuration of virtual machines using VMware Workstation. It begins with a basic overview of virtualization and virtual machines, the relationship between the host and guest systems, and the general requirements for running VMware Workstation. The course then gives an overview of the range of guest OSes supported and outlines the installation options available, including the installation of the VMware Tools on guest systems. Also covered are the networking capabilities provided by VMware Workstation 7 and configuration options for setting up virtual disks for your virtual machines. This course focuses on the installation of VMware Workstation on a Windows host, but the information applies in large to operation on Linux hosts as well.

Target Audience
This path is for a technical engineering audience, including individuals looking to get hands-on with VMware Workstation and technical personnel who have implemented or are considering implementing VMware Workstation.


Expected Duration (hours)

Lesson Objectives

VMware Workstation 7: Getting started with Virtual Machines

  • recognize VMware Workstation installation considerations
  • identify VMware Workstation upgrade considerations
  • create a custom virtual machine
  • modify a virtual machine configuration
  • recognize guest operating system installation options
  • perform a guest operating system installation using an ISO image
  • match the VMware Tools components to their tasks
  • configure global settings to update VMware Tools
  • recognize the functions of the VMware Tools control panel
  • create a virtual machine
  • install a guest OS using and ISO image
  • modify Virtual Machine Settings
  • recognize the network settings capabilities of the Virtual Network Editor
  • connect or disconnect a new host virtual adapter
  • set up routing between independent host-only virtual networks
  • configure NAT on a Windows host
  • add a new disk to a virtual machine
  • recognize the benefits of using virtual disks
  • add a CD drive to a virtual machine
  • modify network settings on a virtual machine
  • modify disk configuration on a virtual machine
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