VMware Workstation 7: Managing Virtual Machines

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This course explores the features and tasks involved in administering VMware Workstation and hosted virtual machines. It provides an overview of the menu options and interface used to manage your virtual machines and explores common VM configurations settings including the ability to connect various hardware devices. Also covered are the use of teams in organizing your virtual machines, Workstation's unique record and playback functionality, the use of ACE packages, and VM management using the snapshot and cloning feature. This course focuses on the administration of VMware Workstation on a Windows host, but the information applies in large to operation on Linux hosts as well.

Target Audience
This path is for a technical engineering audience.

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Lesson Objectives

VMware Workstation 7: Managing Virtual Machines

  • perform admin tasks using the Workstation interface
  • identify the key new features in VMware Workstation
  • modify the workstation interface
  • identify the considerations involved in attaching hardware devices to virtual machines
  • configure USB 2.0 support on a virtual machine
  • identify the considerations involved in working with teams
  • manage a virtual machine team
  • use the record/replay feature
  • configure virtual machine settings for a given scenario
  • create and populate a team
  • identify the options available when saving the state of a VM
  • take a snapshot of a VM
  • create a VM clone
  • differentiate between linked and full clones
  • identify the considerations involved in moving a VM
  • create an ACE package using the new package wizard
  • identify the features of VMware ACE
  • create a snapshot of a virtual machine state
  • create a clone of a VM snapshot
  • create an ACE package from a cloned VM
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