Azure Storage

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Azure Storage is a powerful feature that has been created for data storage. It has three built-in storage services to handle almost any kind of data. In this course you will learn about Azure Storage, Table Storage, and Storage Queues.

Target Audience
Software developers building Distributed Applications on the Azure cloud


Expected Duration (hours)

Lesson Objectives

Azure Storage

  • start the course
  • describe the three Azure Storage services
  • create and configure an Azure Storage storage account
  • describe how Azure Storage containers store Binary Large Objects (Blobs)
  • create and delete block and page based containers
  • read and write data to block blob storage containers
  • read and write data to page blob storage containers
  • manipulate blobs and the data stored in blob containers
  • use retry policies to handle failed network transactions
  • compare Azure Table storage to traditional relational databases
  • create and delete tables in Azure Table storage
  • create an Entity structure in .NET
  • query data and perform CRUD operations on an Azure Storage table
  • compare Azure queues to Service Bus queues
  • create and delete Azure queues using .NET
  • send messages to an Azure queue
  • retrieve messages from an Azure queue using Peek messages
  • describe the storage methods and features provided on the Azure cloud
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