Azure Subscription Messages, Security, and Troubleshooting

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Subscription message handling, claims-based identity, security, and troubleshooting are all aspects of using Azure for hosting web services. In this course, you will learn how to secure and debug Azure and the built-in message handling.

Target Audience
Software developers building on the Azure Cloud


Expected Duration (hours)

Lesson Objectives

Azure Subscription Messages, Security, and Troubleshooting

  • start the course
  • describe the Azure Service Bus Subscription-based messaging and Service Bus Topics
  • create a Windows Azure Service Bus Topic for Subscriptions
  • manage messages using filters
  • send a message to a Subscription Topic
  • receive a message for a topic using the SubscriptionClient class
  • work with claims-based identity management in distributed systems
  • describe the purpose of the Windows Identity Foundation (WIF) .NET Framework
  • implement claims-based identity management using .NET
  • configure Access Levels for Blob Containers
  • describe Shared Access Signatures for granting short-term access to resources
  • create and use a Shared Access Signature
  • describe the types of data you can collect from Azure diagnostics and how it can be collected
  • enable and monitor the App Suspend with ASP.NET
  • enable logging and track performance of Azure Storage requests
  • configure and use diagnostics for Azure in Visual Studio
  • collect and view collect diagnostic information with Visual Studio
  • secure and troubleshoot Azure
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