Advanced HTML5

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This course provides instruction on many of the new API's that have been introduced with HTML5 relating to web support, communication, and 3D graphics. The course also covers features that are strictly speaking not part of the HTML5 specification, but are often associated with HTML5 because they were introduced at much the same time.

Target Audience
Experienced web developers seeking skills in using HTML5 and CSS3

Expected Duration (hours)

Lesson Objectives

Advanced HTML5

  • use the Geolocation API
  • use error handlers in the Geolocation API
  • use geo.js in a web page
  • use the Web Storage API
  • track changes to the storage area
  • use the Offline Web Applications API
  • debug offline web applications
  • determine the correct usage of the Geolocation, Web Storage, and Offline Web Applications APIs
  • use the History API
  • use the Web Workers API
  • use the postMessage API
  • use the WebSocket API
  • use the WebGL API
  • determine the correct usage of the History API and Web Workers API
  • determine the correct usage of the postMessage, WebSocket, and WebGL APIs
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