Ajax Applications and Server Communication

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This course explores the technologies that are used to enable Ajax applications to interact with a server's external data. It will begin by examining the important role that ASP.NET, PHP, Java, and Ajax play in developing Ajax applications, and then explore how Ajax can access and utilize external data sent from a variety of sources. The course will move on to discuss JavaScript Object Notation (JSON), and how frameworks and libraries can add complex degrees of functionality to an application with minimal effort. This course is one of a series providing an introduction to Ajax development.

Target Audience
Developers who are experienced in building Internet applications and who want to become skilled in the use of Ajax to add seamless interactivity to their web applications

A good knowledge of HTML, JavaScript, basic programming concepts, and general Internet development; programming experience would be an advantage

Expected Duration (hours)

Lesson Objectives

Ajax Applications and Server Communication

  • recognize how Ajax and server-side technologies work together
  • deploy an Ajax application in ASP.NET
  • use PHP with an Ajax application
  • use Java servlets with an Ajax application
  • distinguish between the formats used for external data feeds
  • extract XML data from an external feed
  • extract string data from an external feed
  • use Ajax to create a feed reader
  • use server-side technologies in an Ajax application
  • extract external data in an Ajax application
  • create a news feed reader in an Ajax application
  • recognize key characteristics of JSON
  • distinguish between JSON and XML as formats for transferring data in Ajax applications
  • use JSON in an Ajax application
  • use JSON-PHP in Ajax applications
  • distinguish between major server-side frameworks available for use with Ajax
  • distinguish between major client-side libraries available for use with Ajax
  • build an Ajax application that utilizes JSON
  • use JSON-PHP in an Ajax application
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