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Job Aid

Ergonomic Checklist

Purpose: Use this checklist to check for potential ergonomic risk factors in your job or work area.

Instructions for use: This checklist poses questions to help you identify areas of your job or work area that may require special attention due to their potential for ergonomic risk. Read the questions in each area relevant to your job. A "yes" response indicates that an ergonomic risk factor may be present. You can print the checklist or recreate it in a word processing or spreadsheet application.

Other musculoskeletal demands
Question Yes No
Do your manual jobs require frequent, repetitive motions?        
Do your work postures require frequent bending of the neck, shoulder, elbow, wrist, or finger joints?    
For seated work, do you reach for tools and materials farther than 20 inches from your seated position?    
Are you unable to change your position often?    
Does your work involve forceful, quick, or sudden motions?    
Does your work involve shock or rapid buildup of forces?    
Do your job postures involve sustained muscle contraction of any limb?    
Computer workstation
Question Yes No
Do you use computer workstations for more than four hours a day?        
Do you complain of discomfort from working at these stations?    
Is your chair or desk nonadjustable?    
Is your display monitor, keyboard, or document holder nonadjustable?    
Does your lighting cause glare or make the monitor screen hard to read?    
Is the room temperature too hot or too cold?    
Is there irritating vibration or noise?    
If you identified any items in this section, also complete the job aid titled Computer Workstation Checklist.    
Question Yes No
Is the temperature too hot or too cold?        
Are your hands exposed to temperatures less than 70 degrees Fahrenheit?    
Is your workplace poorly lit?    
Is there glare?    
Is there excessive noise that is annoying, distracting, or producing hearing loss?    
Is there upper extremity or whole body vibration?    
Is air circulation too high or too low?    
General workplace
Question Yes No
Are walkways uneven, slippery, or obstructed?        
Is housekeeping poor?    
Is there inadequate clearance or accessibility for performing tasks?    
Are stairs cluttered or lacking railings?    
Do you wear proper footwear?    

Course: Office Ergonomics
Topic: Risk Factors