Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) on Microsoft Office 2013

Program Overview: The Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) certification is an industry recognized standard for demonstrating Microsoft desktop skills. The core Office Specialist certification provides validation of proficiency with a Microsoft Office application such as Word 2013, PowerPoint 2013, Excel 2013, or Outlook 2013. The Microsoft Office Specialist Expert certification is used to validate a user’s expertise in the Office Word or Excel applications.
Target Audience: Individuals and business users with basic computer literacy.
Prerequisites: Students should have a basic knowledge of desktop computer terminology and concepts, and some familiarity with the Windows interface.
Requirements: Any one of the first seven exams (77-418 to 77-424) can be taken to obtain the core Microsoft Office Specialist Certification for that particular application. The two associated expert exams must be taken to obtain MOS Expert certification in either Word or Excel. Additionally users can obtain Microsoft Office 2013 Master certification by obtaining Word and Excel expert certification, PowerPoint certification and either Outlook, Access, SharePoint or OneNote certification:


77-418: Word 2013

77-419: SharePoint 2013

77-420: Excel 2013

77-422: PowerPoint 2013

77-423: Outlook 2013

77-424: Access 2013

77-425: Word 2013 Expert Part One

77-426: Word 2013 Expert Part Two

77-427: Excel 2013 Expert Part One

77-428: Excel 2013 Expert Part Two
Note: The Skillsoft learning path, Microsoft Office 2013: Begininng Access does not cover the objectives for the exam 77-424: Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS): Microsoft Access 2013,but can be used as a tool to help users prepare for the exam.

Exams requirements are subject to change without notification.

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